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"Let thy food be thy medicine

and thy medicine be thy food."


Everything we do is designed to support and nourish your body.  

We start with whole, clean, anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Never processed, Never Artificial.  Always Real.

Use the color chart below to select your foods and beverages based on what your body needs today.



These items are designed to support a healthy blood pressure,  lower cholesterol, support vascular health, repair oxidized stress and lower inflammation.


These items are designed to support anti-aging through antioxidants, polyphenols and phytochemicals.   They are hydrating and are often boosted with collagen, adaptogens and other supportive enzymes 


These items are crafted to  enhance digestive health and deeply support the liver and kidneys. They are hydrating and cleansing. They contain foods that naturally escort the bad stuff out.


Vitamins from fruits and vegetables along with anti-inflammatory roots, adaptogenic herbs and  cell boosting minerals help the body fight off sickness. 


Clean protein, fiber, vit C, zinc, magnesium, vit K, arginine, and collagen are the focus of this group of menu items specifically designed to support recovery and building of strong muscles and bones.


These items will include clean complex carbs, potassium and B6 , Folic acid and B12  along with  natural sugars, manganese and fiber.vitamin C and antioxidants all designed to spark your brain and body!

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