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Real Gatherings


Just because it comes in a box doesn't mean it is not fresh, delicious and nourishing!

Rise & Shine


Smoothie Bowls

blueberry- acai

chocolate banana

clean green

displayed with a variety of toppings


Greek or coconut yogurt layered with our honest granola, fresh melon, citrus and berries.

Bagels & spreads

Everything, chocolate and apple-cinnamon bagels displayed with guacamole, cherry compote and caramel spreading sauces.  Something for everyone!


grilled shrimp

greens, mango salsa, lime

mesquite grilled chicken 

sprouts, sun-dried tomato hummus

turkey club

spinach tortilla, smokehouse bacon, tomato, lettuce, jack cheese

beef & brie

grilled onions, brie cheese, horseradish

hummus & falafel

roasted peppers, onions, greens, carrots

***served with fresh fruit***

***minimum of 10 for each variety***



guacamole, tomatoes, sprouts, arugula and sesame seeds


garlic hummus, roasted vegetables, sprouts, pumpkin seeds


olive tapenade, wild mushrooms, asparagus, artichoke hearts, arugula


chicken medallions

pico de gallo, garlic crostini

beef tenderloin

grilled planks of bread, horseradish sauce

seared salmon

cucumber salsa with pumpernickel toast points


broccoli balls with spicy marinara

falafel with romesco


local and artisan cheeses, crisp grapes, crackers, nuts and chutney


garlic hummus, romesco, tapenade, tabbouleh, olives, roasted red peppers, pita


Round out your simple meal with some thoughtfully curated sides:

grilled & roasted vegetables


roasted rosemary potatoes 

ancient grains with confetti veggies

simple greens

veggie chips

fresh fruit 

cold pressed juices

no better way to start your day than with a cold pressed juice for focused energy!  choose a variety or a single blend to delight and refresh your guests

foraged frittata

Fluffy Dalton's eggs whipped and baked with wild mushrooms, leek and wilted kale.

Bars & balls

Rockstar donut balls with maple dipping sauce and fresh blueberries with a variety of granola bars.


chicken satay

cabbage, carrots, peppers, daikon, snap peas, sesame seeds, almond satay sauce wrapped in rice paper


cabbage, avocado, mango, red and yellow peppers, carrots  wrapped in rice paper with ginger soy miso dipping sauce


purple cabbage, avocado, mango, red and yellow peppers, carrots wrapped in rice paper with avocado green goddess dipping sauce 

vegetable nori roll

black rice, avocado, mango, carrots, daikon radish, jicama with avocado green goddess and sprouts

***minimum 10 of each variety***



black rice, marinated black beans, arugula, avocado, mango, pickled red onion, cilantro, pico de gallo, serrano chilies, lime, pumpkin seeds

thai veggie bowl

spinach, zucchini, squash, daino radish, carrot, red bell pepper, broccoli, scallions, sesame seeds, purple cabbage, cilantro tossed in almond satay sauce

balance bowl

winter kale, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, beets, spicy carrot hummus, beet and carrot falafel, toasted cashews, sesame ginger miso dressing

wild mushroom ramen

shiitake and crimini mushrooms with napa cabbage, scallion, zucchini, sprouts, and sweet potato glass noodles with a delightfully umami broth

add ons:

grilled chicken

beef tenderloin

faroe island salmon

grilled shrimp

garlic falafel

Picnic boxes

Completely self contained boxes with a spectacular variety of delicious bites including:

sliced beef tenderloin, shrimp, grilled chicken, seared salmon, crackers, grilled rosemary bread, garlic hummus, pico de gallo, tapenade, grilled asparagus, tomatoes, berries

(vegan boxes available) 



"24 hours later and I am still searching for the words to tell you what last night's event meant to me. Every detail, every dish, every glass of wine, and every everything was an utterly perfect expression of the book and all the things I love the most.  If ever I was lucky enough to have a second wedding planned by Lisa Kelley, it would have been last night in all its utterly gorgeous glory. "  

(Abby Maslin, Love you Hard Book Launch Party)

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