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Fruits and Nuts

day one or one day?

Is today the day?

A fasting juice cleanse is no joke.  You need to be prepared both mentally and physically to get the maxim benefit. Drinking juice with high sugar content defeats the purpose of a cleansing reboot and does nothing but create imbalance in your body.  That is not what this program is about.  This is about eliminating toxins at the source and flushing them out while deeply nourishing your body.  This is about changing habits and setting the intention to take control of your health and well being.  It is not easy.  It is actually pretty hard.  

But so is brain fog,  bloat, exhaustion and overweight.  

We'll be right here when you are ready and right here with you every step of the way.

8 days.

before, during & after


processed sugar

boxed and fast food

gluten, corn, soy

dairy, eggs, soda

fried foods


day 1-3 & 7-8

warm water

celery juice


detox soup

green juice


apple or nice cream

warm lemon water

 day 4 (fasting)

celery juice

purple rain

after party



black magic

day 5 (fasting)

celery juice

golden sun



real orange

black magic

day 6 (fasting)

celery juice

clean green

golden sun


purple rain

black magic


Reboot includes:

28  organic cold pressed juices

5    smoothie bowls

5    nice cream bowls


option to add:

5 cleansing soups

5 detox salads


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