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We use fresh, whole foods to offer a clean and simple menu rooted in the belief
that good food equals good health.  
REAL People
REAL suppliers are selected based on their commitment to best practices,
human rights and respect for the environment.  
REAL honors all people who produce, grow and manufacture
each product and ingredient.
REAL employees work together with the single goal of providing
healthy, nourishing and authentic food in a graceful, nurturing and compassionate environment.  
REAL is committed to providing training opportunities
to individuals who may require mindful accommodations
and strategy development with the goal of successful, future employment.
REAL is committed to providing experiential opportunities for school aged children to eat, learn and grow outside of the classroom.
REAL is deeply commitment the environment.
REAL gives back to the community.
REAL insists on fair wages for all and respectful and healthy working conditions.
REAL is a choice we make to eat well to be well
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