What is the shelf life of a juice and do they need to be refrigerated?

Our juices and nut milks are raw and unprocessed.  They contain live enzymes and are highly perishable. They need to be kept refrigerated at all times.   Your juice will remain fresh and nutritionally dense up to 4 days after being pressed.  Each bottle has a "best by" date.

Is it okay for my juice or milk to separate?

Yes! It is absolutely normal and proof that it is all natural with no preservatives or pasteurization.  As long as you have kept it refrigerated and drink by the "best by" date- you can give it a good shake and enjoy!

How do I pick up an order?

1.    Your orders will be freshly prepared and available for pick up from the Food Truck.  

Please specify which location and date you would like to pick up.

2.    For orders $50 or more, we will deliver to your home or office within the following zip codes at no           additional cost:  

Wednesday: 20619, 20636,20650,20659  

Friday: 20620, 20630, 20634, 20653,20674, 20667, 20686, 20690, 20692

Deliveries will be made between 10-6.

We cannot guarantee a delivery time.

Someone must be present to receive the juices!

Please message for delivery outside of this area.  

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Simply click on the Shop button and you will be directed to the order page.  You can pay securely through the site.  Your order will be confirmed.